- Welcome to Prijeko Palace -

Looking for a memorable and different place to stay for a holiday, or just a quick city break in Dubrovnik? Look no further. 
But to start off openly, if you're a type of person that enjoys modern 5 star hotels/resorts with all of their amenities, then this might not be a perfect place for you. Here, in the ancient heart of the Old city, in a Palace more than 500 years old, here is where you get consumed by the rich soul of Dubrovnik and its unique ways. 

Room Chapman

This comfortable room of 22 m2 with a pitched roof has windows overlooking the quiet street.

Russell Chapman started studying photography when he was 10 years old, teaching himself all the aspects of art and science that are needed in order to produce a photograph that will bring pleasure to others. Photography is about creating a moment that encapsulates not only what was seen at that moment but what was also felt.


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  • Beautiful hotel that is very clean with comfortable beds. This hotel is a great location within the city walls.
  • Great place with amazing staff and ambiance
  • The staff was amazing. Offered to carry out bags in and out of Dubrovnik and its millions steps. Also walked is outside the walls of Dubrovnik to catch an uber. We will come back for sure!!