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Prijeko Palace

Prijeko Palace, the Isusovich-Braichi palace on Ulica Prijeko 24, is one of Dubrovniks iconic buildings. The building has a long and rich history. The noble family Isusevic-Braichi constructs the house in 1470. The architect was Giorgio da Sebenico, a famous architect in that time. The palace passed through violent ages with fires, war, depredation and earthquakes. The earthquake of 1667 was the worst; 2 floors of the palace collapsed and were never restored in its old shape. Over these turbulent years the palace was significantly damaged and lot of the valuable parts were either stripped or destroyed. Ownership of the building changed hands more times and was in 2004 acquired by Acquest doo. The interior of Prijeko Palace went through a complete restoration in order to modernise the building and bring back to its former glory, with thanks to the government of Croatia, which allows the owners to do so. Prijeko Palace is renovated to the highest standard and has regained its original beauty. The renovations were performed in close cooperation with architect Zeljko Pekovic (Omeega Engineering), the building company Vodpija and the local conservators. Prijeko Palace is renovated to the highest standard and has regained its original beauty. The impressive palace is situated on Ulica Prijeko, in the middle of the Old City of Dubrovnik. Prijeko Palace offers now a high degree of luxury and customizable renting plans in its 9 double rooms. The individually decorated rooms make it ideal for romantic getaways, honeymoons, wedding parties, exclusive use, executive meetings, hideaways... It is possible to rent an entire floor or even the entire building if needed. The aim of Prijeko Pacace is that our guests should not have the feeling of staying in a regular hotel, but more the feeling of staying at a renaissance heritage building with the services and privacy that comes with it. Prijeko Palace is the perfect harmony of the past and the present. Download the booklet 'from antiquity to modern art' about the renovation of Prijeko Palace.

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