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Omelets, boiled or scrambled eggs

Dalmatian ham, tomatoes, garlic and parsley
55,00 Kn

Bacon, tomatoes, garlic and cheese
60,00 Kn

Basil, mozzarella, lardo di colonata and balsamic vinegar
60,00 Kn

Classical Spanish omelet with chorizo spreading and arugula 45,00 Kn
Fresh greens from local market, changing seasonally, bitter herbs, chard, spinach, other seasonable vegetables 45,00 Kn
Housemade pork and pistachio sausage
Potato foam, onion rings, arugula 70,00 Kn
Yellow fin tuna
Encrusted in cereal cookie and served on seasonal salad 75,00 Kn Croissants, yoghurt and fruit

Granola, yoghurt and seasonal fruit 55,00 Kn
Three different jam and butter 40,00 Kn
Croissant 15,00 Kn
Croissant sandwich 30,00 Kn
Croque monsieur 40,00 Kn
Fresh salad of daily picked market vegetables seasoned with citrus dressing 40,00 Kn
Fruit salad 35,00 Kn Smoothies

Strawberry and honey 28,00 Kn
Raspberry and honey 32,00 Kn
Pineapple and passion fruit 36,00 Kn