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Dear Guest,

First of all, thank you for visiting our restaurant ‘’Stara Loza’’. Great variety of locally and organically produced ingredients used in traditional dishes, with modern twists and techniques, is now available to you.
When browsing our selection, please note:

*If the product is LOCALLY AND ORGANICALLY PRODUCED, of high quality and available– we use it. Not all ingredients we use could be grown locally so ask the staff for more info.
*Sometimes, when we’re feeling a bit ‘’under the weather’’, we create some ‘’off the menu’’ dishes that will take you on a trip through Croatia (or maybe the world) and back.
Be sure to ask your waiter about the specials so you don’t miss out on something truly beautiful.

-If you have dietary requirements / allergies please notify your waiter before ordering.
-We do not serve alcohol to persons younger than 18 years of age.
- All of our prices are in Croatian currency and are VAT inclusive.
-Service is not included in the price
-If you haven’t received an invoice – you are not obligated to pay.
-If you happen to have any remarks or suggestions on how to improve our service please ask your waiter for the manager.

Thank you & Bon appétit!


Quinoa salad… 
Mango/ avocado/ spring onions/ capers/ olives/ vegetables/ parsley
70, 00 Kn

Beef carpaccio…
Arugula/ crostini/ honey and mustard dressing
85, 00 Kn

Dalmatian prosciutto…
Pear/ walnuts/ goat’s cheese/ blue cheese/ pear salsa/ raspberry powder
95, 00 Kn

Adriatic tuna tartare…
Avocado/ pickled onions/ homemade toasted bread
100, 00 Kn


Seasonal vegetables/ red bell pepper cream/ mint mayonnaise
70, 00 Kn

Homemade gnocchi…
Sage/ pistachio/ raspberry powder
80, 00 Kn

Octopus tentacle…
Cherry tomato confit/ ground pistachio/ herbs salsa
90, 00 Kn

Ebi fry…
Adriatic prawns/ roasted garlic aioli/ seasonal salad
93, 00 Kn


Black risotto...
Octopus tentacle/ shells/ cutllefish
120, 00 Kn Sea bream ...
Cauliflower purée/ vegetables/ wine, capers & vongole sauce
150, 00 Kn

Tuna steak ...
Seasonal vegetables/ adriatic shells/ capers dried olives/ fish stock emulsion
170, 00 Kn

Fishermans plate ...
Monk fish/ scampi/ octopus/ adriatic shells cooked in langoustine bisque
190, 00 Kn

Homemade pasta with lobster tail...
Leek and olive oil sauce/ black truffles/ finished with Pag cheese
235, 00 Kn



Beef Tenderloin… 
Potato purée/ Chilly oil broccoli/ demiglace/ fennel
185, 00 Kn

Slow cooked veal shank…
Carrot purée and chips/ demiglace sauce/ broccolli salad
160, 00 Kn

Lamb confit...
Rosemary and garlic potatoes/ cherry tomatoes/ arugula/ olives/ spring onions/ demiglace sauce
170, 00 Kn


Homemade bread, butter and oil serving…
All homemade
35, 00 Kn
Seasonal salad ... 
45, 00 Kn
Grilled vegatables ...
40, 00 Kn
Homemade steak fries ... 
30, 00 Kn


Malvasija & Figs ice-cream...
45, 00 Kn
Chocolate mousse & tonka...
Raspberry gel and ice-cream/ coffee Jelly
65, 00 Kn
Sage sphere & wild berries…
White chocolate & local sage mousse/ forest fruit gel/ cardamom crumble
55, 00 Kn
Local cheese selection (for two persons)… 
Selection of local cheese accompanied with jams and homemade grissini
100, 00 Kn


Red & white pasta... 

Beet root/ feta cheese/ linguine
77, 00 Kn

Chicken Caesar salad…
Aromatized crostini/ crunchy pancetta/ Caesar dressing
83, 00 Kn

Vegatables wok...
Rice/ coconut milk/ sesame seeds/ ginger/ soy sauce/ sweet chilly sauce
85, 00 Kn
Traditional Veal risotto... 

Slow cooked/ Parmesan ice-cream & crisp
88, 00 Kn

Tuna salad...
Cookie crumble encrusted tuna/ seasons salad/ horseradish cream
89, 00 Kn

Shrimp & zucchini pasta...
Basil pesto/ fettuccine / pine nuts/ herbs
95, 00 Kn

Seafood platter for two..
Sea bream/ monkfish tempura/ prawns tempura/ vongole/
octopus/ mangel and potatoes/ grilled zucchini/
280, 00 kn