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Restaurant Stara Loza

As a result of the hard and persistant work of our company "Acquest d.o.o." and years of difficulties overcome, in 2014 "Prijeko Palace" hotel along with "Stara Loza" restaurant opened their doors to the public. 

Both placed in a medieval historic palace, in the heart of the Unesco protected Old town of Dubrovnik, with their unique art-oriented style and guest-centered modus operandi received a more than positive, much appreciated response.

Restaurant features three dinning areas.

1. Prijeko street terrace
Prijeko street is a lively and pittoresque street. It runs parallel with the main street, the "Stradun" but is less frequent. Two rows of tall houses, featuring balconies and portals from gothic, renaissance and baroc periods, create much needed shade, most welcome on those hot summer days.
Visually appealing terrace, on an interesting and atmospheric street, is an excellent choice to enjoy your morning coffee and croissant, drinks, or any meal of the day.

Seats 26
Serves: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Drinks: yes
Reservations: yes, 2 persons minimum



Salon is placed on the third floor of the building, where you're taken by an elevator or a beautiful, orignal medieval stairway. Absolute highlights of this spacious room are high ceiling and gothic floor-to-ceiling windows. They reveal a beautifully restored medieval terrace and stunning views over the ancient city.
Along with unique visuals of the city and eclectic design, fresh seasonal ingredients and finest autochtonous wines served at "Stara Loza", awaken a feeling of authenticity, legacy and tradition.

Seats: 26
Serves: dinner
Drinks: Full meal only
Reservations: yes, 2 persons minimum

Rooftop terrace
Most amazing location for the most memorable meal in the Old town. Being it for a special occasion, romantic surprise for a loved one, or a dinner with friends, you'll be priviledged to the exact, unchanged view that the nobelty living in the palace enjoyed over dinner for centuries. You can enjoy the same fish, from the same sea, you can drink the same wine, from the same vineyards. Experience dishes and recipes just slightly touched and aided by the present. Experience authentic flavors and aromas of the Adriatic in a setting unreal and imposible to reproduce. Here amongst medieval rooftops, below the stars and above the ground, treat your self to what you need.

Seats: 16
Serves: dinner
Drinks: Full meal only
Reservations: yes, 2 persons minimum, 4 persons max


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